Gemeinschaftszeichnung OLOT

mit Anke Becker, Inken Reinert und Veronike Hinsberg

Zeichnung auf Papier | 120 Blätter | jeweils 29,7 x 42 cm

Ausstellungsansicht etHall, Barcelona | 2011

Veronike Hinsberg
Veronike Hinsberg   OLOT is the result of a month-long collaboration between Anke Becker, Veronike Hinsberg, and Inken Reinert. Using coloured pencils, felt-tip and ball-point pens, and other drawing media the three artists have created a complex "drawn conversation" akin a musical jam session. Their third such collaborative drawing, Becker, Hinsberg, and Reinert executed OLOT specifically for exhibition at etHall Barcelona. OLOT is composed of three panels of 140 interrelated—and ongoing—drawings in which the artists have emphasized visual dialogue over personal technique. Individual styles merge and intercept, contrast and complement each another, creating an illustrated refrain at once unified and unique. Anke Becker, Veronike Hinsberg and Inken Reinert have collaborated on multiple artistic and curatorial projects. They met in the early nineties at art school in Berlin, Germany.
Veronike Hinsberg    
(Abbildungen: © Veronike Hinsberg, Anke Becker, Inken Reinert, VG Bild-Kunst)